we have amazing trampoline features

build the trampoline park you’ve always dreamt of

Foam Pits

Our most popular feature! Jump into a squishy pit filled with sponges! Our patented waterfall technology makes our pits better than any other in the industry. It also makes it easier to get in and out of the pits.


Our dodgeball courts have unique vertical trampolines to allow challengers to face-off in the ultimate game of dodgeball. Every trampoline park needs its own dodgeball area for kids to do the 5 D’s of dodgeball — dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge.

Ninja Course

Similar to the obstacles featured on the popular TV show “American Ninja Warrior,” our ninja courses feature spider walls, cargo nets, monkey rings, rock climbing walls and more! It’s a great addition to new or existing trampoline parks.


A slackline is basically like a mini trampoline made to test balance and skill, but most people approach it as a tight rope. Slacklining is emerging as a popular sport for kids and teenagers.

we have amazing trampoline features

build the trampoline park you’ve always dreamt of

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Kiddie Areas

Our Kiddie Courts are a great way to make sure your little jumpers have fun at the trampoline park. Moms like to know their little ones don’t have to bounce with the big kids.

Slam Ball

Finally you can dunk with trampoline basketball! Our shatterproof backboard are a unique feature to Trampoline Parks LLC.

Landing Mats

The new and improved way to pad obstacles while making it easier to enter and exit the area.

Jump Boxes and Spines

These padded boxes give jumpers a small lift to get more air. The boxes can be custom-built to any size and put in as a centerpiece to your park design.


Our nets are fire-resistant, ASTM certified no climb nets.

Safety Pads

Trampoline Parks LLC’s pads use denser, higher quality foam to reduce the profile of the pad and reduce potential tripping hazards.


Each trampoline has a redundant mat, which is a much needed backup system for any trampoline park. This is something other trampoline park manufacturers don’t offer.

Fidget Ladder

The fidget ladder stretches over a foam pit or landing mat. It's a fun addition, testing skill and balance.

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Trampoline Parks LLC provides customers with innovative, high-quality and safe trampoline parks at a competitive price at a competitive speed.