About Us

Trampoline Parks LLC has built more than 200 trampoline parks throughout the world. We have more experience designing, constructing and installing trampoline parks than anyone in the industry. Unlike other manufacturers, our parks are completely customizable to fit the needs and dreams of our customers. From beginning to end we manage the project; including: design and installation. Once your park opens we offer support for park orders and maintenance.

In 2004, we constructed the world's first trampoline park in Las Vegas, Nevada. Since then, Trampoline parks has lead national safety committees to define safety requirements for trampolines and ensure best practices industry wide. We're on the board for the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) for trampoline parks and the International Association of Trampoline Parks (IATP). We've also pushed innovation in the industry with new features like ninja obstacle courses, slacklines, fidget ladders, jump boxes and foam pits.

Just like any good house needs a strong foundation, every good trampoline park needs strong steel and ours is the best and American-made. Because of Trampoline Parks LLC's experience and vast infrastructure, we have the ability to meet established timelines. Our drafting department custom designs each park to fit the space in creative and original layouts.

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Trampoline Parks LLC provides customers with innovative, high-quality and safe trampoline parks at a competitive price at a competitive speed.